fob shows you how to get the u2 album off your phone



how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

18th century poesy ring.Inscription reads: Many are the stars I see but in my eye no star like thee.

18th century poesy ring.
Inscription reads: Many are the stars I see but in my eye no star like thee.


i just wanna remind ppl that pumpkin online, the harvest moon/animal crossing mmo/dating sim complete with non-binary gender options and no restrictions as to who u can date, is about $2500 from it’s goal and has 3 days left on kickstarter

i’m gonna be donating probably later today, still not sure how much, but it’s definitely going to be at least enough to get into the beta 

but ye you should check it out they also have a tumblr pumpkinonline

Damn These Vampires - The Mountain Goats

crawl till dawn
on my hands and knees
god damn these bite marks
deep in my arteries

you’d find i’m a thief, but my taste is so refined.

Nearly Witches -


a compilation of brendon mocking ryan’s lyric in Nearly Witches

Romans 10:9 - The Mountain Goats

won’t take the medication but it’s good to have around
a kind and loving god won’t let my small ship run aground
if you will believe in you heart and confess with your lips
surely you will be saved one day